WELCOME: Please Join the People and fight the takeover.  

This is my page, and I will be running a blog. I endeavor to speak my mind I will state the things I feel about this Great Country. You might think that sounds stupid, I would expect that from a Liberal, as they cannot stand to hear the truth or facts about what a Conservative might think or feel about their Country, or what direction this Country should be going. That would include the Tea Party Movement. A grass roots movement, which is growing and not afraid to say what they think. Despite what the ACLU or the Liberal Left thinks or says. We Are Not Evil, Racist, Fanatical, Nazis, or Radicals. We do not follow (Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals) as the left and this Government is doing. However we should, turn those same rules against them and soon. We sure will not fall in lockstep with the So-called Main Stream Media, who have not had an honest thought in many years. They do not practice Journalism. Journalism had not had the honesty or integrity to call themselves Journalists. They are political cheerleaders and nothing more. Maybe The Democratic Tyrannical Government we now have will wake up. I highly doubt it. However, the Democrats are not at total fault. Those who fit the moniker or RINO (Republican in name only) are just as guilty of screwing this country. Over the decades, both parties have redefined their authority and created a new and secure job for themselves. In which they can practice their corruption at will. Do any of you know of any other job description that those employed in it, have the authority to increase their pay, whenever they like? Have the best health care that our money can provide. Never to hold them to account for what they say, do or impose outside the Constitution. I do not know of any. Do I have to remind the citizens of this country that those who are at fault for the destruction of America are themselves, the citizens? You know those who would rather have somebody else tell him or her what to think, or do. Instead of being informed about what goes on in their country. By not staying informed and voting accordingly, we the people have made ourselves slaves to this government. Many of are at fault for not standing firm for what we stand for. Keeping and following or Principals and Convictions. Personal honesty comes before any allegiance to a political party. Not have personal honesty, Integrity. How would you expect those that govern over us to act? It is evident that they who do could give a crap about what we the citizens think. How do they keep you as slaves? They just start telling lies about their opponents, or the opposition using every disgusting word they can come up with to divide and conquer. As noted above, they use words like Racist, Bigot, Biased, Extremist, Thug, and Internal terrorist, anti-female, anti-abortion, anti-immigration, you name it. If it will split the populous, they will use it. While claiming their way is the only way. They have the knowledge, and the ability to know what you need. The Progressives (socialists/communists/Marxists) have almost completely taken our brains out and washed them in acid. As long as they can control us, they have us exactly where they want us. They want to have control and tell you what you need, from womb to tomb. Then they take back what they want of your estate. Spend even more, and corrupt themselves even more. If they cannot change the meaning of something in the Constitution to fit whatever theory, they have. They go to the courts. The corrupt court rules in their favor. In addition, that ruling becomes a law, brought about by the political bias of that court. Court activism (Making law from the bench) something they have strived for decades. On the other hand, our current president makes his own law, through imperial edict. Ignoring or laws are a violation of his given oath of office. Once the congress lets it pass, they have set precedence that no president in the future should have. As long that we have a corrupt legislative, judicial, and Executive branch. All three are supposed to be equal in power and authority. We will continue to decline. Each branch is striving to become all-powerful over the other. It takes courage not complicity to govern America. The current government sure does not have courage, so what is left?

Some May ask why should they read my page or my blog, I say that if we do not talk, and learn the facts, then what are we, nothing but dead weight, lemmings looking for some place to hide. I call this a Prescient, because people gather in such places, and such places can be strong political centers of thought, and doing. Or you might wonder what I am. I am an American First, Conservative Independent (Former Republican) Second. I will not be swayed from believing in, or Defending the Constitution of the United States. I will never support anybody that feels it should be changed, or tampered with. Its what this Great Country of Ours was founded on. And its Principals are Sound. I don't care what your Race, Gender, or Age is. What I care in is that if your representing me, as you should be that you are Honest, Trustworthy, and Responsible for your actions, and your Vote. And accountable to the people, not the Lobbyists, Unions, Special interests, or even the President, whomever he or she is at the time. If your an Congressmen, your are responsible to the people, who elected you, and no others. So I am here to pass the word, as I see it, Say what I think, and if I wish to decent for whatever reason, then I have that right. So All Americans are welcome to read or add more.

  Please check back soon for new entries. And by all means make a comment, take a stand, stop being a Lemming. Your thoughts are important and should be shared.
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